PlayStation Plus vs Nintendo switch online vs Xbox Live Gold

PlayStation Plus vs Nintendo switch Online vs Xbox Live Gold

The online gaming industry is so far from its past. The companies are introducing interesting and addictive games to the market with lucrative offers to attract customers.

The rivals PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox are all required to play games online. The multiplayer game lovers are the main customers for them. Fortnite is the only game that can be played online for free on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation as well. Xbox requires gold membership to play Fortnite.


Nintendo has a unique offer for you, on subscribing to Switch online, you get direct access to 20 classic NES games. Xbox Live gold offers monthly games which consist of four titles, two Xbox One games and two Xbox 360 games. PlayStation Plus’ monthly games consist of six games, two for PS4, two for PS3 and two for PS Vita.

Nintendo made this product to let its customers think about how they can use their creativity and potential to create something playable. Unleash the true power of Labo with your imagination and effort, and you would be wondered.

All three gameplay providers offer you some “free” games in your library as long as you have subscribed to them.

The chat service in PlayStation and Xbox are free, but Nintendo has a paid app called Nintendo Smartphone chat lets you chat while playing. The feature is supported by limited games.
Talking about Cloud Storage, Xbox has the best feature. It automatically back up your data on the cloud as your console move, and it does not need a Gold membership.

While both Nintendo Switch online and PlayStation Plus requires you to save your data on the cloud. PlayStation facilitates you to back up your data up to 10GB on the cloud; on the other hand, Switch Online has unlimited storage capacity for you.

Features and Offers

Coming to offers, PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Gold frequently offer member-exclusive discounts to attract new customers. They also offer exclusive betas and trial periods to their subscribers.

Last but not least, the price matters the most. Free Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus are costly in comparison to Switch Online.
You can buy Xbox Live Gold yearly subscription for 60 USD. The same you need to pay for PlayStation Plus. You can opt for a monthly subscription at 10 USD only.

While Nintendo costs you only 20 USD for a 12-month plan, other offers are 4 USD and 8 USD for a month and three-month subscription respectively. Switch Online’s family plan for a year costs you 34.99 USD allowing you to connect a maximum of eight accounts.

In case of Xbox and PlayStation, you don’t need a family plan because they allow you to share your Gold and Plus benefits with any other account.

So, now you know all the relevant information about all three. Nintendo has a bonus as it is cheaper than the other two. It is up to you what type of