Throne of JS — Seven Frameworks

July 20 – 22, 2012 | Toronto, Canada

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Throne of JS — Seven Frameworks


The Lowdown:

It seems like a great idea at first: geek plans a trip to attend a technical conference, and their significant other books time off work to come along for the trip. They will "see the sights" and surely there will be meals together and maybe the geek could even be convinced to take the afternoon off for some fun?

Consider this a Public Service Announcement: this is a recipe for disaster, and only bitterness will ensue. Why? Because you have entirely different goals and you're deluding yourselves if you think this trip is about doing something together. The less-geeky partner is going to be lonely and depressed. Right?

The Samurai Lovers program is the ideal antidote to relationship failure. Why should the geek half of a couple have all of the fun? Instead, SO's traveling to Toronto with attendees can opt-in to the Lovers and cruise the city in style during the day, and take part in all of the dinner and social events at night.

Awesome geek-spouses from Toronto will be your host for a weekend of casual sightseeing, drinking, shopping, and whatever else people speak of with desire. We stress that this is no "woman's auxiliary" either; in fact, several men are already registered.

The Offerings:

Your Lover registration grants you the following blessings:

More information on the Lovers day tracks will be released closer to the date of the event via email. The tentative itinerary includes visits to The Brickworks and a trip to the Toronto Islands. We essentially let you hold sway on where to visit and when, as this is your vacation. We recommend you bring a minimum of $30 CAD with you per day outing.

You'll be departing from the hotel at 10am each morning after breakfast in the lobby, and returning by 4pm to prepare for the evening events.

Lovers spots sell like hotcakes — REGISTER NOW!

Please note: Your nerdier half must already be registered for the conference prior to your registration, or in conjuction with your registration.


Throne of JS — Seven Frameworks is a two day, single-track conference focused on answering the question on every web developer's mind: which framework? We're bringing together the creators of every important client-side .js framework to speak about their creations so that you can decide when to use what.

It's no longer good enough to build web apps around full page loads and then "progressively enhance" them to behave more dynamically. Building apps which are fast, responsive and modern require you to completely rethink your approach. This is a big transition to make and it is further complicated by the plethora of great options out there. Don't just sit around and wait for things to shake out.