Garena Free Fire Alternatives

Best Garena Free Fire Alternative Games

Looking for the best Garena free fire alternative? Yes! So, you are in the right spot. You can get all the options through which you can enjoy the smooth gameplay using our hack.

This game is accessible in all the android devices and played by mobile phones. When you are playing the game, there are Remote Island through which you can get access.

However, you will come across 49 other players you are seeking for survival. Players can easily select the starting point of the game. The main aim is to look for the safe zone in the game.

The alternative of Garena free fire game

Here is some of the Garena free fire alternative which you can get access for enjoying the game. The alternative related to the game are as follows-

Battlelands Royale

Battlelands Royale is the best royal shooter game that is having the third person battle round. Then the other games which are available on the internet for playing the action series, this game is a bit smaller.

Players are dropped among the 32 players that are there in the battle royals. Most of the matches in the game are completed in just three to five minutes.

With this, you can experience the royal battles that are available. However, there are some issues that you will face, and you will lag from time to time in the game.

Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction is another Garena free fire alternative that is available. It is incredibly similar to the gameplay. There are many matches that the players play among 100 players.

The game has various landscapes in which the players are playing the game. The game runs with some mid-range and low-end phones. Moreover, you will get the experience of playing the game with many players.


This is again the best alternative that is launched for the players. Fortnite has the controversial launch by which you can get the most popular and the best battle royale. However, there are many epic games.

Fortnite is the best in contributing the play in the epic games. The game is highly compatible with all android devices. You can also easily install the game on your device.

Knives out

Knives out is another popular battle royale game that is more popular on the mobile. However, there are essential features that are there in the game.

Typically, it is the best shooter battle game that you can easily experience. The players who are breaking the rules and are having some connectivity issues will have a problem in playing the game.

Rules of survival

Another alternative of Garena free fire is rules of survival. The game was launched after the introduction of PUBG mobile. It has similar features to PUBG, but additional players’ vehicles and weapons are included in the game.

However, these elements make the game more difficult than others. There are more lag issues in the game, but playing in matches is fun. 

Thus, these are the alternatives that are available on the internet. You can select the Garena free fire alternative from the list stated above.