Throne of JS — Seven Frameworks

July 20 – 22, 2012 | Toronto, Canada

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Throne of JS — Seven Frameworks

How is this different from JSConf?

There are tons of interesting things happening with JavaScript right now, but we're only focusing on one: building rich, dynamic applications on the web. No compile to js languages, no highly-optimized js runtimes, no Node.

Great branding, but will there actually be samurai in attendance?


But they only come out at night. Throne of JS — Seven Frameworks runs from our opening ceremonies on Friday night through Sunday night's closing bash. The daytime track runs Saturday and Sunday 9am – 5:30pm, after which we run you and the rest of your warrior class through the all-inclusive fun gamut each and every evening.

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Throne of JS — Seven Frameworks is a two day, single-track conference focused on answering the question on every web developer's mind: which framework? We're bringing together the creators of every important client-side .js framework to speak about their creations so that you can decide when to use what.

It's no longer good enough to build web apps around full page loads and then "progressively enhance" them to behave more dynamically. Building apps which are fast, responsive and modern require you to completely rethink your approach. This is a big transition to make and it is further complicated by the plethora of great options out there. Don't just sit around and wait for things to shake out.